Seeking to bring a touch of whimsy into the mundanity that can be the daily rote of life, Kaoru Matsushita, Brooke Irish, and I set out to establish a school of playful thought.


Tamashi is a school of thought, encouraging “detours” to explore the spirit of creativity & play.


— Soul (Japanese)

თამაში — Play (Georgian)

After collectively brainstorming for many days, trying in vain to find a name for our project, we found it by looking to our heritage. Tamashi has significance due its meaning in Japanese and Georgian, two of our nationalities, and allowed us to give to it a new meaning in English—the soul of play.

From there we set to establishing a branding identity that conveyed these feelings—of celebration, whimsy, and play—and created a modular design aesthetic that could be used across a range of mediums.

Tamashi Logotype

Vertical logotype & brand color combinations

School of Detours

Tamashi school is a collection of detours and discoveries, where we learn by getting lost in the seemingly familiar. Detours take you outside of your usual route. They can be…

  • spontaneous or planned
  • shortcuts or scenic routes
  • self-imposed or accidental
  • found or sought after

The school is where we Tamashi students, new and old, come together. Learning is more expansive when done with others since we can take each other on detours and share our discoveries. There we are all students, teachers, facilitators and explorers.

Detours can take you somewhere or get you completely lost.

IMG 2912



altogetherincomplete tamashi 4

Altogether Incomplete is an activity book comprised of quotes, prompts, and visual stimulants which emerged over the course of the project.

altogetherincomplete tamashi 7alt

altogetherincomplete tamashi 3


Along with physical gatherings, we also connect online. We built tamashi.us so that we could share detours and discoveries with fellow students around the world. There you can see documentation and responses from various gatherings and detours.

You may visit the website at http://tamashi.us