Trumaker is a fashion startup from San Francisco, creating Built-to-Fit men's clothing. Working with a tight-knit group, I've had the opportunity to assist—and lead—numerous projects on an ongoing basis since 2014.


Interoperating between the Marketing & Development teams, I often undertook both the design and the implementation of new features.

CSS Framework + Documentation


To migrate the various web entities of Trumaker to an updated brand identity, I was tasked with creating a flexible CSS framework that could adapt to a range of elements, and accommodate future components. I determined that a Functional CSS approach would be the most suitable for this, and created the necessary framework with accompanying living documentation.


I put the CSS framework to use on refreshing the company websites. I created a modern React & Webpack build process, and implemented features such as low-quality image placeholders, exit-intent detection, gallery sliders, and sign-up forms. The CSS in use can be inspected throughout Trumaker websites.

Before + After

Previous Landing page

Redesigned Landing page

Even quite complex interactions were achieved with zero CSS needed beyond the framework.

Form Input animation

Email marketing campaigns

On top of designing many campaigns, I coded the custom responsive email templates that are currently in use; testing across various clients to ensure maximum compatibility.

One of the many emails I’ve designed

One of the many emails I’ve designed

Some of my other responsibilities included:

  • Producing printed design collateral for marketing campaigns.
  • The redesign & planning of an internal Customer Relations Management system.
  • Designing & producing styleguides for a new online journal, The Measure.
  • Creating internal & external facing documents.
  • Researching & improving customer experience across company websites.
  • Investigating and fixing bugs.