Here We Grow

"Here we Grow exhibits the evolutionary graphic design education at CalArts. CalArts is a family of talented individuals striving to develop an informed point of view. Our passionate community works together to achieve artistic excellence that is both critical and relevant. Over four years, we develop a relationship with type, communication strategies, and our formal voices. These essential skills are at the root of our program, shaping keen and distinguished designers. So come on over and see our flowering development through the program".

Here We Grow

Annual retrospective exhibition showcasing the work created by the graphic design program at CalArts.






As a member of the committee in charge of organizing and bringing the exhibition to fruition, responsibilities included extensive collaboration and clear communication with team members, organization, scheduling, and concept development.

Initial weeks of the project were spent on researching existing gallery presentation methods and approaches, as well as visiting several studios including Cinnabar and studying their methods. This research was shared with the rest of the team through presentations, and together we began to iterate and develop the driving concept for the exhibition.


Simultaneously to refining the concept, we were each in charge of specific areas of the exhibition which would play to our strengths. I tackled the exploration and acquisition of presentation methods, as well as design and fabrication of most physical structures—entrance sculpture, shelving, iPad casing, tables, etc.— for the exhibition.

This was a collaborative endeavor with Amanda Lui, Herim Shin, Isaiah Montoya, Kaoru Matsushita, and Lorena Reyes. Class led by Louise Sandhaus.

Photographs courtesy of Melissa Kuo, Kaoru Matsushita, and Elbert Lui.





Wall of posters